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We welcome you to our website!  The purpose of this ride is to honor, remember and support our armed forces during the Memorial Day weekend. This ride also raises much needed funds for the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) of Arkansas. All proceeds raised are given to the DAV of Arkansas for them to use to transport disabled veterans to and from clinics and hospitals, and provide assistance in receiving the benefits our veterans have earned and deserve. 

My brother (Jeff) and I started talking about a ride across Arkansas in late 2008. This was just going to be a ride to satisfy one of our goals which was to ride across the Natural State. As we got more serious about this feat we decided it should only be fitting that this ride should benefit somebody. After a few discussions we felt that not enough was being done to help or assist our wounded warriors who often return home and are forgotten. We chose the DAV which is a national non-profit organization founded in 1920 by disabled American veterans returning home from World War I. The DAV was congressionally charted in 1932 as the official voice of our nationís disabled American veterans. After over 90 years and 1.2 million members, the DAV is still helping over 200,000 veterans and their families receive the help and benefits they deserve. Many of our brave soldiers are now returning from the Middle East, Iraq, and Afghanistan with various injuries both physical and mental. The River 2 River Memorial Ride and its riders are trying to help these brave men and women while we also remember those whose have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

The River 2 River Memorial Ride is a fully supported ride starting in Ft. Smith, AR and ending in West Memphis, AR. This ride is a 5-day ride and each day is between 52-66 miles per day with a total of 295 miles. The first day starts in Ft. Smith and ends in Clarksville, day two starts in Clarksville and ends in Morrilton, day three starts in Morrilton and ends at the Veterans?Memorials on the State Capitol grounds, day four starts in NLR and ends in Brinkley, and finally, day five starts in Brinkley and ends in West Memphis. We will try and assist anybody who needs transportation to and from each start and finish point. We have rest stops every 15-20 miles with our RRS (Rolling Rest Stop). You can ride as many days as you want (one or all). The River 2 River Memorial Ride is a very rewarding experience for those who participate and also for the many volunteers that help make this ride possible.  If you would like to participate, volunteer, sponsor or donate please contact Jeff or myself.

In May of 2009 we had our first ride and now in our fourth year we would like to invite you to come join us and share in the experience of our ride across the Natural State as we remember and honor our soldiers past and present!  We are in the process of updating our site for the 2015 ride starting May 23rd thru May 27th.

The River 2 River Memorial Riders ride in honor of all American veterans and especially those close to our heart our very own Arkansas wounded and fallen soldiers. Please visit the following links:

Arkansas fallen soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq:


A list of comprehensive Arkansas war memorials listed by county:


Jon & Jeff Aldrich


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